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Kali' Rings

Kali Double Lock Main

Kali Double Lock

Price starting from $ 162.41 USD *

The 'Kali Double Lock' reimagines the Kali ring with sharp spikes and a chastity cage-inspired locking system. Featuring double closures and two padlocks, it ensures it cannot be removed once worn, for those seeking the pinnacle of restraint.

Kali Diamond Lock Front

Kali Diamond Lock

Price starting from $ 184.06 USD *

The 'Kali Diamond Lock' is distinguished by its high concentration of 90 sharp spikes, arranged uninterruptedly around its inner circumference, creating a full 360-degree stinging effect. With its chastity cage-inspired locking ring and the option of locking it with a padlock, this ring from Kali guarantees an intense and safe experience. Made entirely of stainless steel, it combines quality, durability and innovative design.

Double Kali Ring Black

Double Kali Ring

Price starting from $ 107.19 USD *

Discover the Double Kali Ring, an innovative erection control ring featuring a dual structure, sharp spikes and softer cones, creating an intriguing dilemma between increasing arousal and pain.

Cock Ring Closed

Cock Ring

$ 42.23 USD *

Discover our high-quality Cock Ring, an elegant ring that enhances the sensual experience. Easy to put on and take off, it offers a firm and pleasant sensation. With 8 adjustable stainless steel spikes, it allows you to customise the intensity of pleasure and pain. A refined alternative to the Kali Ring, with a more subtle and discreet design.

Couple Kali Ring Black

Couple Kali Ring

Price starting from $ 99.61 USD *

Innovative Kali ring for penetrative encounters, intense and sharp stimulation, customizable in spike types and colors.

Classic Kali Ring Black

Classic Kali Ring

Price starting from $ 74.71 USD *

Discover our Kali ring for a gradual approach to sadism, customizable in size and colors, featuring conical chrome-plated metal spikes.

Cruel Kali Ring Black

Cruel Kali Ring

Price starting from $ 92.03 USD *

Discover our unique Kali ring with stainless steel spikes, perfect for daring masochists and sadistic Mistress, customizable in diameter and colors.

Triple Kali Ring Red

Triple Kali Ring

Price starting from $ 107.19 USD *

Kali ring with three rows of spikes totaling 36, designed for demanding Mistresses wanting to get the most from their submissive. Customizable in spikes and colors.


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