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Double Kali Ring

The unique feature of this Kali Ring lies in its dual structure, which combines two classic Kali rings to create an extended version, capable of providing a more intense and strict erection control. At the base, the ring features two rows of 12 spikes each, alternating between softer cones and sharp points, ensuring a firm and stable grip during the expansion of the penis.

Towards the glans, the ring is equipped with 24 cones arranged in two rows, slightly less pointed. As the penis lengthens and thickens, these cones will begin to scrape, creating an intriguing dilemma between increasing arousal and yielding to pain.

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This ring can be customized to your needs, including variations in diameters, length, spike types to adjust intensity, and colors, to make it a unique and perfectly suited item for you.

Double Kali Ring

Double Kali Ring Black

Nylon PA12 Satin black and stainless steel

Double Kali Ring Black small
Double Kali Ring Opened small
Double Kali Ring White small
Double Kali Ring Front small
Double Kali Ring Translucent small
Double Kali Ring Dimension small
Double Kali Ring Opened

Nylon PA12 Satin black, stainless steel spikes

Double Kali Ring White

Nylon PA12 Satin white, stainless steel and black spikes

Double Kali Ring Front

Nylon PA12 Satin black, stainless steel spikes

Double Kali Ring Translucent

Resina UV-LFS Translucent, black and inox spikes

Double Kali Ring Dimension

Standard dimensions

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