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Genital Guillotine

This innovative device is designed to offer unprecedented intensity of pleasure and precise stimulation, adjustable to your liking.

The "Genital Guillotine" is a clamp with two opposite rows of spikes strategically positioned from the pubic area to below the testicles, allowing you to tighten the genitals to offer intense sensations, even reaching the prostate.
A comfortable knob allows you to regulate the pressure to your liking, ensuring intense tightening if desired.

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The possibility to choose the type of spikes, from the softer ones to the extremely sharp ones or a combination of them. Available in various colors and as with all our products, you can ask us for further customizations also on the dimensions.



Genital Guillotine

Genital Guillotine Black-Silver

Genital Guillotine Black-Silver small
Genital Guillotine Full-Open small
Genital Guillotine Closed small
Genital Guillotine Black-Gold small
Genital Guillotine Standard small
Genital Guillotine Dimension small
Genital Guillotine Full-Open

Full Open

Genital Guillotine Closed


Genital Guillotine Black-Gold

Gold Spikes

Genital Guillotine Standard

Genital Guillotine Dimension

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