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Couple Kali Ring

Why not switch roles with this innovative Kali ring designed for penetrative encounters? Created to be worn with the spikes facing either the wearer or the partner, this ring ensures intense and sharp stimulation during penetration. Equipped with 47 conical spikes, it's possible to customize the type of internal and external spikes for a tailored and unique experience.

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This custom-made product offers the possibility to personalize the desired spike types and colors, with stainless steel screws for quality and durability.



Couple Kali Ring

Couple Kali Ring Black

Nylon PA12 Satin black and chrome spikes

Couple Kali Ring Black small
Couple Kali Ring Opened small
Couple Kali Ring White small
Couple Kali Ring Translucent small
Couple Kali Ring Back small
Couple Kali Ring Dimension small

This product


Couple Kali Ring Opened

Nylon PA12 Satin black and chrome spikes (Opened)

Couple Kali Ring White

Nylon PA12 Satin white, gold chrome spikes

Couple Kali Ring Translucent

Resina UV-LFS Translucent, black chrome spikes

Couple Kali Ring Back

Nylon PA12 Satin black (back view)

Couple Kali Ring Dimension

Standard dimensions

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