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Spiked Gloves

Our gloves are the favorite product among Mistresses, as they provide maximum control with elegance. Made of genuine leather and featuring 200 exclusive conical spikes, they can be used for a gentle caress on the back or for scratching like a feline. But not only that: by gripping the submissive's testicles, you'll ensure the right detachment and full control of the pain, from mild to unbearable, depending on your choice. Whatever you wish to do with your hands, our gloves will allow you to amplify it as you please, while maintaining a sadistic elegance.

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Available in 5 sizes, made of genuine goat or deer leather, and in various colors, although black is always captivating. Why not dare to be original? You can also customize the color of the spikes.




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Sizes and Colours

Spiked Gloves

Spiked Gloves All-Black

Black goatskin and black spikes

Spiked Gloves All-Black small
Spiked Gloves Red-Gold small
Spiked Gloves Red-Black small
Spiked Gloves Black-Gold small
Spiked Gloves BlackUp small
Spiked Gloves Dimension small

This product


Spiked Gloves Red-Gold

Red buckskin and gold spikes

Spiked Gloves Red-Black

Red buckskin and black spikes

Spiked Gloves Black-Gold

Black goatskin and gold spikes

Spiked Gloves BlackUp

Black goatskin

Spiked Gloves Dimension

Black goatskin and black spikes

Examples of customisation

Spiked Gloves_01
Spiked Gloves_02
Spiked Gloves_03
Spiked Gloves_04
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