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Viper Bite

Our 'Viper Bite' is distinguished by its elegant yet menacing shape, inspired by the head of a viper, which brings a thrill of danger and excitement to your playtime. Equipped with four sharp spikes like a snake's teeth, this product offers a powerful bite and extremely intense sensations that leave a lasting impression.

Its versatile opening allows it to be applied to different parts of the body, but beware: the 'Viper Bite' is not a toy for beginners.
Its stainless steel spikes are easy to wash and disinfect, ensuring hygiene and durability.

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As with all our products, the 'Viper Bite' can be customised by choosing your preferred bite intensity to perfectly suit your style and needs. You can also ask us for customised colours.

Viper Bite

Viper Bite Half-Open

Viper Bite Half-Open small
Viper Bite Front small
Viper Bite Open-Side small
Viper Bite Open-Front small
Viper Bite Top small
Viper Bite Dimension small
Viper Bite Front

Viper Bite Open-Side

Viper Bite Open-Front

Viper Bite Top

Viper Bite Dimension

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