Our spikes

Most of our products are characterized by the use of spikes, selected not only for their great symbolic impact of penetration but also for their ability to generate intense and varied pain. The variety of the spikes, their position and density are key elements that allow us to offer unique and unprecedented sensations, some of which have certainly not been experienced before.

Our spikes represent a wide variety of possibilities but what really sets us apart is our desire to explore the extreme limits of pleasure and pain. We use exceptionally sharp spikes far beyond what is commonly found in standard BDSM devices, offering an intense and highly customizable experience.

Rounded spikes

Our spherical spikes represent the least aggressive option in our catalog but don't be fooled by their apparent harmlessness. With their 4mm diameter spherical part, these tips are remarkably effective at making themselves felt. They are ideal for impact play where they add a controlled dimension of stimulation. Upon request, these spikes can be incorporated into other objects offering a customized experience according to the specific needs of each individual.

Available dimensions

4mm Rounded spikes - Dimensions

Available Colors

Black Rounded spikes black color Silver Rounded spikes Silver color

Standar spikes

We named our spikes 'standard' because we believe they are suitable for a wide range of users. Designed to be sharp enough, these spikes are capable of generating intense pain while minimizing the risk of skin injury. In case of very intense use, they could cause small injuries but that requires deliberate action. In Kali rings, these spikes are especially effective: as they cannot penetrate the skin, they intensify the sensation of compression, making the experience painful but controlled.

These spikes are the ones we recommend for gloves for those who wish to avoid the risk of bleeding. They offer an ideal balance between intense sensations and safety in use.

Available dimensions

10mm Standar spikes - Dimensions

Available Colors

Black Standar spikes black color Silver Standar spikes silver color Golden Standar spikes golden color Bronze Standar spikes bronze color

Sharp standar spikes

The 'Cruel' version of our standard spikes: a small but significant modification that completely transforms the experience. These spikes are slightly more incisive than the standard ones, sharpened just enough to be able to penetrate the skin. Ideal for use in the gloves, they are perfect for those who are looking for a more intense experience and are not afraid of a little blood. With these spikes the game goes into a more daring and challenging dimension.

Available dimensions

10mm Sharp standar spikes - Dimensions

Available colors

Black Sharp standar spikes black color Silver Sharp standar spikes silver color

Adjustable spikes

Our adjustable spikes with a diameter of 4mm are made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteeing their resistance to rust and corrosion. Their adjustment is simple and precise, thanks to an Allen wrench included with each product that uses this type of spike. Although the spikes are sharp, they have a wide contour that significantly reduces the risk of skin perforation. At the same time, these spikes are capable of causing intense pain and a particular sensation of penetration and compression, making the experience intensely arousing.

Available dimensions

10mm Adjustable spikes 10mm
16mm Adjustable spikes 16mm

Available colors

Steel Adjustable spikes Stainless steel

Extremely sharp spikes

Our spikes are made of high quality stainless steel and are sharpened to the maximum. Each spike is featured with a cone at the apex which is uniform in all lengths and guarantees an extreme sensory experience. Even with light pressure, the pick makes itself felt with a sharpness comparable to that of a needle. However, its conical shape is designed to prevent direct, deep penetration, thus generating intense, stabbing pain. Numerous customers describe the sensation as if the skin is being opened even though the spike does not perforate the skin completely.

These spikes raise the game to a definitely advanced level. They are ideal for those seeking an extreme and limitless experience in the BDSM universe. Their incisiveness is designed for lovers of the purest excitement who wish to explore the confines of pleasure and pain in ways that only a toy like these can offer.

Available dimensions

6mm Extremely sharp spikes 6mm - Dimensions
9mm Extremely sharp spikes 9mm - Dimensions
18mm Extremely sharp spikes 18mm - Dimensions

Available colors

Steel Extremely sharp spikes steel color

More spikes

We have described a selection of the spikes we use on a regular basis but remember that each of our toys can be customized in greater detail. If the above options do not fully meet your needs, we are willing to explore and procure spikes that are not included in this catalog according to your specific requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about our spikes or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to provide you with the necessary information and details to help you choose the perfect option for your needs. Customization is at the core of our philosophy, and our team is dedicated to making each product unique and tailor-made for you.

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