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Air Flow Control

Elevate your gas mask experience to the next level with the "Air Flow Control". This precision valve is specifically designed for gas masks with a 40mm NATO connection, allowing you to precisely control the incoming airflow and have complete breath control.

Starting with two 10mm diameter holes, the "Air Flow Control" offers you the freedom to adjust your airflow as you wish. Thanks to the convenient knob, you can vary the flow intensity, partializing it until completely closing it, according to your needs.

An added benefit is the included gasket, designed to ensure perfect adhesion and to prevent any kind of cracking.

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Available in various colors and, as with all our products, you can request further customizations.

Air Flow Control

Air Flow Control Red-Black

Air Flow Control Red-Black small
Air Flow Control Full-Opened small
Air Flow Control Half-Opened small
Air Flow Control Closed small
Air Flow Control Back-View small
Air Flow Control Dimension small
Air Flow Control Full-Opened

Full Opened

Air Flow Control Half-Opened

Half Opened

Air Flow Control Closed


Air Flow Control Back-View

Back View

Air Flow Control Dimension

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