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Ballbusting Exalt

Experience unprecedented intensity with our "Ballbusting Exalt". This unique device is designed to add an extra dimension of excitement to ballbusting.

The "Ballbusting Exalt" consists of a rubber plate, equipped with a comfortable thick neoprene surface on the foot side and a matrix of spikes on the other side. Thanks to two adjustable velcro straps, this plate can be easily worn on the instep, turning every kick into an intense and unforgettable experience. It can be worn over shoes or boots as well.

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Available with different types of spikes, varying from the lowest and flattest to the sharpest and cruelest, designed for those in search of extreme sensations.


Review by Cruel Reell®

Ballbusting Exalt

Ballbusting Exalt On-Foot

Severe Version

Ballbusting Exalt On-Foot small
Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-A small
Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-B small
Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-C small
Ballbusting Exalt Cruel-Version-A small
Ballbusting Exalt Cruel-Version-B small
Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-A

Severe Version

Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-B

Severe Version

Ballbusting Exalt Severe-Version-C

Severe Version

Ballbusting Exalt Cruel-Version-A

Cruel Version

Ballbusting Exalt Cruel-Version-B

Cruel Version

Examples of customisation

Ballbusting Exalt_01
Ballbusting Exalt_02
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