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The "SpanishCage" elevates chastity with an ingenious and innovative design. Beyond the adjustable spikes that adorn its entire surface, what truly sets it apart is its locking mechanism. The cage is designed in two parts: a slide-in base and an upper part that acts as a lid. This design allows for easy and quick insertion, eliminating complications related to wearability, even with narrower diameters. An ideal solution, especially when a Mistress is in charge of locking.

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The "SpanishCage" stands out not only for its adjustable spikes that decorate its surface but especially for its unique diameter customization. While it's common to find chastity cages with customizable lengths in the market, the ability to adjust the diameter for a perfect fit is what truly sets it apart. This ensures unparalleled comfort during use. The ring, essential not only for comfort but also as a firm anchorage, is of course also customizable, ensuring every cage fits its wearer perfectly.




Wearing manual

Spanish Cage

Spanish Cage Closed


Spanish Cage Closed small
Spanish Cage Exploded small
Spanish Cage Assembling small
Spanish Cage Right small
Spanish Cage Bottom small
Spanish Cage Back small
Spanish Cage Exploded


Spanish Cage Assembling


Spanish Cage Right


Spanish Cage Bottom


Spanish Cage Back


Examples of customisation

Spanish Cage_01
Spanish Cage_02
Spanish Cage_03
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