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The "EnglishClap" represents a perfect blend of design, functionality, and controlled pleasure. Designed with a precise distribution of metallic spikes in strategic positions, it aims to prevent erections while maintaining a balance between intensity and comfort. Additional ribbings further enhance this function, avoiding excessive harshness. The gland area, while smooth, remains effectively restrictive. The lid-closure mechanism facilitates both wearing and removal, ensuring impeccable fit.

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The "EnglishClap" stands out in the chastity cage market due to its extensive customization options. What makes this cage especially unique is the ability to customize its diameter, a feature often overlooked but vital for optimal fit and comfort. Naturally, its length is also fully adjustable to individual needs. Additionally, the ring, crucial for comfort and a firm anchor, can be tailored in its measurement. The lid-like closure system rounds off the design, ensuring a simple and precise fit.



English Clap

English Clap Closed


English Clap Closed small
English Clap Exploded small
English Clap Assembling small
English Clap Right small
English Clap Bottom small
English Clap Back small
English Clap Exploded


English Clap Assembling


English Clap Right


English Clap Bottom


English Clap Back


Examples of customisation

English Clap_01
English Clap_02
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