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Beak Cruel

Unleash your most extreme fantasies with the "Beak Cruel" clamps. This is our harshest take on a classic sensual accessory. Boasting an enticing design and two razor-sharp points, we guarantee a powerful and excruciatingly intense grip. The sturdy spring further elevates the sensation, making it one of the most extreme experiences in our range. Despite its compact size, the "Beak Cruel" embodies the essence of cruelty in our product lineup. These clamps aren't for the faint of heart: they're reserved for those wanting to push extreme boundaries and aren't afraid of a little blood. If you're after an experience that truly defines "extreme," the "Beak Cruel" clamps are your go-to.

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The pack contains 2 'Beak Cruel'.
Available in various shades.



Beak Cruel

Beak Cruel Closed

Beak Cruel Closed small
Beak Cruel Front-Bottom small
Beak Cruel Front-Opened small
Beak Cruel Full-Opened small
Beak Cruel Side small
Beak Cruel Dimension small
Beak Cruel Front-Bottom

Beak Cruel Front-Opened

Beak Cruel Full-Opened

Beak Cruel Side

Beak Cruel Dimension

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