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Kali Double Lock

The 'Kali Double Lock' is a reinterpretation of the traditional Kali ring. This exclusive version not only features the sharpest spikes in our collection but also introduces an innovative locking system inspired by chastity cages. Equipped with double screw closures and two padlocks, it ensures the impossibility for the wearer to remove it once put on. While a standard Kali ring might be slipped off, the 'Kali Double Lock' eliminates this chance, thanks to the additional locking ring. A masterpiece of design and functionality, created for those who don't settle for less.

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We offer the ability to customize the spikes, the diameter of both the Kali ring and the locking ring, as well as the coloration.




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Kali Double Lock

Kali Double Lock Main

Kali Double Lock Main small
Kali Double Lock Front small
Kali Double Lock Exploded small
Kali Double Lock Back small
Kali Double Lock Exploded-Top small
Kali Double Lock Dimension small

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Kali Double Lock Front

Kali Double Lock Exploded

Kali Double Lock Back

Kali Double Lock Exploded-Top

Kali Double Lock Dimension

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