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Kali Diamond Lock

The 'Kali Diamond Lock' stands out as an outstanding innovation in the field of Kali rings. This unique tool features the highest density of sharp spikes available on the market, with 90 sharp spikes arranged uninterruptedly around its entire inner circumference, including the hinge and latch area, thus guaranteeing an all-round stinging effect.

Equipped with a locking ring, similar to those used in chastity cages, it offers additional security with the option of locking it with a padlock, although its closure is already made effective by two strong screws, making the use of a padlock optional. Every metal component is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring strength and durability.

The 'Kali Diamond Lock' is not only a masterpiece of design and functionality but also of quality.

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We offer customisation of the diameter of both rings (with a possible change in the number of spikes depending on the diameter chosen), the colouring of the structure and the type of locking ring, allowing our customers to create a piece tailored to their specific needs.



Kali Diamond Lock

Kali Diamond Lock Front

Kali Diamond Lock Front small
Kali Diamond Lock Side small
Kali Diamond Lock Back small
Kali Diamond Lock Exploded small
Kali Diamond Lock Open small
Kali Diamond Lock Dimension small

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Kali Diamond Lock Side

Kali Diamond Lock Back

Kali Diamond Lock Exploded

Kali Diamond Lock Open

Kali Diamond Lock Dimension

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