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Tip Toe Torture

Test your endurance or that of your slave and intensify sensations with our innovative insole "Tip Toe Torture". Designed for those seeking a unique experience, these insoles are ideal for those wishing to experience the sensation of constantly having to stand on tiptoe, amplifying pain in a controlled manner.

Made with a rubber base and a leather back, these insoles are designed to be worn either barefoot or inside high-heeled shoes. Their two adjustable laces, equipped with velcro closures, ensure quick adjustment, fitting comfortably around the ankle.

The standard tips, rounded, are designed to provoke an intense sensation of pain, without causing injury, ensuring safety even for people with a higher body weight.

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For those seeking an even more intense experience, we offer the possibility to customize the type of tips, allowing "Tip Toe Torture" to adapt to individual needs.

Tip Toe Torture

Tip Toe Torture Front

Tip Toe Torture Front small
Tip Toe Torture Foot small
Tip Toe Torture Detail small
Tip Toe Torture Up small
Tip Toe Torture Back small
Tip Toe Torture One small
Tip Toe Torture Foot

Tip Toe Torture Detail

Spiked Detail

Tip Toe Torture Up

Tip Toe Torture Back

Tip Toe Torture One

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