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Ring Vice

The "Ring Vice" represents a revolution in the landscape of submission games. Characterized by an external ring structure, from which 20 sharp spikes protrude, this product ensures absolute control over the level of stimulation.

The operation of the ring is made possible by two ergonomic handles, similar to those of a pair of scissors, which allow it to open and close. With the handles completely open, the spikes retract fully inside the ring, which reaches a diameter of 50mm. Gradually closing the handles, the spikes begin to protrude, reducing the ring's diameter to a minimum of 20mm.

The peculiarity of the "Ring Vice" lies precisely in the control that can be exercised over the protrusion of the spikes, allowing for precise regulation of pressure and intensity of stimulation. This product is designed for those who wish to experience new levels of submission, while always maintaining full control of the experience.

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Available in different colours and with the possibility of requesting larger diameters to perfectly suit your needs.




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Ring Vice

Ring Vice A-Bit-Closed

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Ring Vice Total-Opened small
Ring Vice Nearly-Closed small
Ring Vice Closed small
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Ring Vice Total-Opened

Ring Vice Nearly-Closed

Ring Vice Closed

Ring Vice Thickness

Ring Vice Dimension

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