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Force Smoking Valve

The "Force Smoking Valve" is a precision accessory designed to be used with standard gas masks. This valve, with a central hole specific for inserting a cigarette, offers precise control over the amount of inhaled smoke.

By rotating the valve, it is possible to vary the smoke flow from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 100%. The mechanism is equipped with end stops that delimit its maximum and minimum opening, guaranteeing precise and safe control of the smoke flow.

The "Force Smoking Valve" is made with high-quality materials and is equipped with a gasket that prevents any possible cracks. This accessory represents a valuable addition to any domination tool collection, expanding the possibilities of control and intensification of sessions.

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Customizable in colors and, upon specific request, it can be modified to accommodate objects other than cigarettes.

Force Smoking Valve

Force Smoking Valve Mask-Front

Force Smoking Valve Mask-Front small
Force Smoking Valve Mask-Side small
Force Smoking Valve Black-Red small
Force Smoking Valve Total-Black small
Force Smoking Valve Bottom-View small
Force Smoking Valve Dimension small

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Force Smoking Valve Mask-Side

Force Smoking Valve Black-Red

Force Smoking Valve Total-Black

Force Smoking Valve Bottom-View

Force Smoking Valve Dimension

Examples of customisation

Force Smoking Valve_01
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